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Prisma collaborates with multiple groups to achieve our business goals. Our success depends upon open and energetic partnerships with the Molding Industry, the Compounding Industry, and the End-Users of our novel products.

  • Prisma works with the Molding Industry through contract arrangements as well as in development/discovery partnerships to tailor our polymer recipes to current production methods and tolerances. Prisma’s products are designed to be used interchangeably with current resins and run on commercial compression- and injection-molds. Molding companies seeking to apply our formulations to current production molds and customers should contact us to get a conversation underway!
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  • Prisma works with the Plastics Industry to identify optimal resin chemistries and test compatibility with Prisma’s lignin supplies and technology. Prisma formulates our polymer recipes based upon commercially-available resins identified by our development partners to meet their customer demands for improved performance, renewable content, and reduced cost. Prisma is seeking strong relationships with resin producers, compounders, and other partners who seek to join us in improving the products we are developing.
  • Prisma works with End-Users across multiple industries that are seeking lower-cost compound production while maintaining key mechanical attributes. This improves their inclusion of bio-content and lowering the Life Cycle Impact of their products. Prisma will speak confidentially with interested End-Users to assess your interest, material compatibility, cost profiles, markets to develop a fruitful relationship to realize your goals.

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