Why It Matters

Prisma’s Impact


Prisma’s technology will have a significant impact on improving the overall economics of large industries like Pulp & Paper. Just as importantly, our technology will reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally by using our materials in everyday products. Early ‘Life Cycle Analyses’ have been performed on Prisma’s materials, comparing our BioLAN™ product line to traditional ABS plastic, and we can safely claim a 15%, or greater, reduction in CO2/kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, there are 8 Million metric tonnes of ABS plastic consumed annually.

When fully deployed, Prisma's Biolan™ can reduce annual global ABS consumption by 2 million metric tonnes by replacing a portion of ABS with the natural polymer lignin!  These opportunities stand to change our world for the better in so many exciting ways!

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Prisma's Sustainability Statement


At Prisma, we wholeheartedly believe that what is good for the planet is good for business. We believe environmental stewardship from purpose-driven initiatives is the expectation of any company, not a means from which to stand apart. We also believe that fundamental science and creativity are the necessary ingredients in order to make bold, positively disruptive changes to our world.